Issac Milner

Inexperienced but Determined Human Wizard


Stubbornly determined, though easily distracted by curiosity.
Can read and understand people very well, but misses some social cues.


I more or less grew up in Litus Republic University. With my father, Cedric, as a teacher there, my future was pretty much decided for me, not that I minded. The coursework was fascinating, causing me to perform much of my research ahead of schedule. As a result, I was never great at magic itself due to researching more than practicing, but I was always very knowledgeable about it. Additionally, because I focused more on my studies than practice, I didn’t spend a lot of time with people, making me less comfortable around them. As a result, I was more of a loner and ended up people-watching more than people-talking.Through this, I learned a lot of how people behave and how to tell what they’re thinking and feeling just by their expressions and body language.
When the calamity hit, my father was visiting Fallcrest for research in his most recent endeavor. That was the last I heard from him. Initially, I assumed he stayed behind and assisted with any disaster relief that was necessary, keeping him too busy to contact me. As the years passed, I grew more and more concerned until I finally received the official news that he was declared “missing”. No sign of him can be found, preventing an official death from being stated, but most assume the worst of his fate.
I didn’t want to believe it, though, so I joined with a team of researchers from the university to assist with their research while I investigated. While there, I searched for any clues of my father. I found his research journal and his spellbook around where he was staying. The research book was unfortunately too damaged to get any information out of it.
I also researched the Rot for any clues on what it could have done to him based on its effects on the environment. Hearing stories of the dangers of the Rot, I employed the help of the Red Reavers to keep me safe, but I basically just followed them around the less dangerous areas. This time of my life was truly a trial by fire for my magic abilities, having more knowledge than know-how. I’m still not great with magic, but I can hold my own. I basically just learned to confuse, move, and disengage creatures so I was out of harm’s way. My research on the Rot has also helped me to develop my skills further, employing some of what I learned from researching it to my spells.
One day, while out with the Red Reavers, I heard one speak of Bror, one of the 4 who helped end this calamity, holding a concert to retell the tale of their adventures. I could not pass this up. If perhaps either there’s some detail of my father in this tale or I can get in contact with this group, I may be able to finally learn something.

Issac Milner

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