Nightmare's End

Deeper in the Manor

Scrying Pool – Artifact of immense power. Possible fortress/manor was built here because of a natural strong arcane pool.

Large room with a suspended bridge/path overlooking the pool. Symbols of Amoth and Erathus.

Temple of Arathus. Edmond Thul knew about the founder of The Temple. Scrying Pool used to spy on the Temple (in the area called Lying Thunder).

Huge massive temple built up on the mountainside. Templars present, appear to be gearing up for war. Issac zoomed in and listened in a commander, Hybor (bald with a scar). Inner Sanctum, people talking about summoning an avatar. Avatar of Arathul. Conflict about the summoning ritual.

Avatar is called the Gryphon, believe it will lead their armies. Avatars are a image of a god in the mortal plane. Doesn’t happen very often, very good purpose usually.

The temple is progressive, they don’t want bloodlines and emperors. Elections and appointments.

Final level of the scrying reveals 3 golden thrones. Prophet talking to angelic being, very bright and glowing. Prophet is praying to glowing being. Issac reveals that the Angel that’s talking to the Prophet is mortal and lying to the Prophet. Angel is saying the devils have driven off The Army from protecting the Isle of the Empress. And that it’s time to attack.

Issac pierces the veil in Solarim. Golden Armored Beings, like an army. Issac’s signal was cut off before he saw more.

Prophet Emeress, founder and leader of the temple.

Exploring Edmond's Thul Manor

Our heroes start the session exploring Edmond Thul’s manor. A ring was used to gain entrance to the basement, a ring that beloned to Edmond. The heroes found Pictographs on a door, explaining how to use the ring. An Abysmirran pass-phrase was used to enter (Edmond was obsessive, and he was very interested in Abysmirra lore).

A lot of books were found here, it appeared to be a Demon Hunter training headquarters of sorts. Barracks/Training facility.

Info learned from Books:
Angrim is a big ape like demon. Controls Great Pit. Specfic designs upon Lobus. Wants to eat heart of emperor, doing so becomes demon lord. Lt. of Orcus.Rules over Great Pit. Scheming to do this for centuries. Needs to be summoned to do so Needs more mortal followers.

World created by Titans. There are a number of planes aside from our own. Parts that were too bright became Solarim; bright but lifeless. Vibrant with life became Feywild. Too dark became Shadowfel. Solarim is physically close to Lobus, which is why Devas are common here. Amoth’s body is thought to be here, covered by a veil of some kind.

Covenant Weapons – Amoth’s was a weapon, empowered by bits of power from all the other gods. Moradin’s Artifact was Moradin’s Horn. In theory once sounded, it would capture and protect all the souls and bodies of its covenant followers to be delivered to Moradin.

He-who-was an ancient, dead god would was thought to have created Humans. The First Men were too strong, too perfect, didn’t worship Gods. Banished.

Demon Binder – a type of artifact that can be used to store and capture a Demon. While stored their soul can be used to power certain types of rituals.

Scrying Pool

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