Ruze Lightstep

A silver-tongued, duty-bound, amoral killer.


Stabs people
Protects Bror Steelforge


Ruze is 25 years old and a third generation Assassin. Her Grandmother and Mother are both on the ruling council for the guild and as a result, there is a ton of pressure on Ruze to live up to their standards. Her Father was an Assassin as well but from what she was able to gather, he betrayed the order and her Mother killed him. There is still a lot of grey area there though and she doesn’t have the whole truth. Ruze performed her first assassination at the age of 8, just after the ritual where part of her soul was sealed away in the Shadowfell in exchange for her powers. Despite the early age of her first kill, she is still a relatively green and has less than 10 kills under her belt.

Ruze Lightstep

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