Dmitri Molostov

A ranger and wilderness guide of Arkovia



Dmitri was born to poor indentured farmers in Arkovia. At a young age, he learned woodsman craft to supplement his family’s meager earnings, helping to put extra food on the table by hunting and foraging.

When the Arkovians were pushed out of their homeland by neighboring countries tired of the Arkovians’ xenophobic, aggressive tendencies, Dmitri found new purpose as the chief guide and pathfinder for the exiled group.

After 3 years in exile, when Prince Gustav fell into a strange, unwakable slumber, the Arkovians turned around, compelled to return to their home. They had wandered far from Arkovia, and it took them 5 years to reach the Thabel Woods, south of their former home. Hounded by the vicious and mysterious Wolfen, they were almost wiped out until the Heroes heard their cries for help and came to assist.

Once the Heroes agreed to assist the Arkovians, Dmitri’s life changed forever. Following their leadership, he gained experience and skills far beyond what he had before. He became a true ranger, and protector of his people.

Once they reached Arkovia, Dmitri was overcome with the corruption of Lobon, the Spirit in White, along with the rest of the Arkovians, before Lobon was purged from their hearts by the Heroes.

Dmitri followed the Heroes to the Cayne, but when they left the Prime Material plane to finally face the Dweller in the Gulf, he was left behind.

Over the next 18 months, he searched for any sign of the people of Aegis, the lost people of Bror, as a way to pay back the Heroes for what they did for him and his people. During this time, he encountered Isaac Milner, and they traveled together for several months until Dmitri heard a clue in Lantaria about the whereabouts of the people of Aegis.

Once he heard of the Concert at the End of the World, he sent Isaac to meet up with the Heroes and join them, and deliver his message so they could meet him in Lantaria.

In Lantaria, Dmitri continued to be a an adventurer, and while he waited for the arrival of the Heroes, he took on a job to investigate some recent disappearances. In the course of his investigation he met with and fell in love with the young princess of Lantaria, but was caught by forces working against him and imprisoned in a cell without a door.

He was rescued by the Heroes after their arrival in Lantaria, and was finally able to “repay” them by giving them his information about the people of Aegis. Although he had originally planned on continuing to journey with them, as he had years before, his affection for the princess caused him to reconsider, and instead he retired from adventuring life to settle down in Lantaria, and to court his beloved.

Family Name

The Molostov family name was synonymous with shame and cowardice, mostly from rumors and feuds from generations earlier, and caused the Molostov family grief and prejudice from their countrymen. Their family creed had even been cruelly nicknamed the “Coward’s Creed” (though it is believed that it was also modified from its original version to be more derisive to the Molostovs):

Regret for the things you have done.
Remorse for all the battles you won.
Guilt for all the things you didn’t do.
Pain for everything you live through.
Pity for the path you walk.
Shame for the times you balk.
Fear for the things you cannot face.
Lies to make illusion in your place.
Time, a clock you cannot overcome.
Angst for the wrongs that equate your sum.
Disgust for the world in which you sleep.
Horror for the women you leave to weep.
Sorrow for the things you will never feel.
Persecution for everything that is real.

After his courageous actions and stalwart devotion to leading his people back home, the Molostov name was more-or-less “redeemed,” and no longer looked down on.

Dmitri Molostov

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